Some Changes



Just to make things a little bit random in your life, I am expanding quite a bit, and there are some things that you need to know.

This blog, , is now a blog devoted solely to my photography business

The blog that used to be here has moved, but only slightly. This is the blog that was full of random thoughts, my trip journals through Europe and, most recently, my experiences as a new mother (complete with photos). I will continue to keep it, but if you want to read it, you have to go to . Sorry if this is confusing. Jared has been referring a lot of people here recently to see new photos of Daphne, so just put the link in your bookmarks, and you are set. I will give free tech support to anyone that needs help doing this. Just email me.

My new food blog is

The food blog was made to quench my growing thirst for dissemination of weird food facts, recipes, random events and other things. Feel free to check it out and to check back occasionally because it will feature things from freezing strawberries with that amazing solid known as dry ice to making sun dried tomatoes from the freshest summer tomatoes.

Read one blog or read them all, I’m enjoying the expansion.

I’m open for emails or questions, as always.

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