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Welcome to the OregonNaturalFoods.com. We are working to get this site up and running so that it can a resource for all like minded people looking for more natural foods in and around Oregon. My wife is the real force behind getting this site up and running. She’s taken our small city lot and figured out how to raise chickens so we can have home-grown eggs and meat, board a goat so we can get fresh goat’s milk every day and grow a serious herb and vegetable garden. All while finding out about more ways to do things naturally and connecting with more and more sources to find healthy things that we can’t produce ourselves.

We hope one day to have a small farm and be able to support ourselves and sell the excess, so one day this site might offer things we have to sell. But for now, it’s just a place to share what we (that’s the marital “we”, meaning my wife has done most of the research) have learned so that more and more people who are leaning towards living more healthfully and naturally are able to so more easily.

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