Eating Healthy on the Cheap


A friend of ours made a post today about how better and how much cheaper it was to make her own loaf of bread. Chris and I often have fun guestimating how much the meal that we are eating actually cost to make. And our new standard of measurement is a lobster dinner at home. We live in Oregon, so lobster isn’t the cheapest thing ever, but Safeway was having a buy one, get one free sale on them a while back and we had a lobster for each of us for $10. Add in some other ingredients, butter, veggies, etc., and the meal ended up to be less than $20 for she and I to have a lobster dinner and to share some with our baby girl (I guess she’s a toddler now, so toddler girl). Even if we had had to pay for both lobsters it would have only been about $25.

So now, whenever I go out to buy some food like a pizza or sandwiches from the deli, I can’t help but compare it to our lobster dinner. I spent $13 for sandwiches at the deli. Then I got home and realized I had almost spent as much as our lobster dinner on two small sandwiches!

Anyway, it’s sort of fun to try to add up how much all of the ingredients in a home cooked meal cost and then divide by the number of people eating it. If you’re watching what you spend and trying to stick to a budget, it should make you feel much better about yourself once you realize that breakfast for three cost less than a dollar!!

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“Eating Healthy on the Cheap”

  1. On August 8th, 2008 at 3:04 PM Melissa Says:

    Yep, I’m on kind of fanatical kick about this right now. My latest discovery is that I can make a whole chocolate cake for $2.22!

    …and I’m not even using discount prices to figure these things out, by the way. Just “regular” stuff, like Hershey’s brand cocoa powder….

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