More Newborn Fitted Diapers


I have already posted photos of some other newborn fitted diapers. My friend Julie made most of the diapers I have already posted. After finishing my other diaper projects, it was clear that there were a lot of scrap fabric and snaps left over. I decided to turn them into some more newborn fitted diapers. This is the result.

Oh… lest anyone think they can ascertain the sex of the baby from any of the diapers I have made, know that these diapers were all planned and cut out LONG before I had any clue what the baby was. I have a lot of boyish stuff and a lot of girlish stuff and I will put away whatever is not appropriate for the baby and save it for the next one.

Lots of pretty stripes!

Recognize this print from the changing pads?

This was an old sweatshirt that I got as a souvenir before I left Paros the last time. It didn’t fit me, and I thought turning it into a diaper was fitting. This is the back.
This is the front.
My coffee and tea diaper.
Another print from the changing pads.

A pirate diaper!

There are cute little owls.

This is a wonderful all velour diaper. I really like the color, and it is one of my favorite fitted diapers I have in my stash!

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