Wool Covers!!!!!!


I worked very hard on these wool covers. They have been in the works for months and I am very proud that they are finally done.

All of the colored diapers were hand dyed by me on my stove top using vinegar and food coloring. Any colorings for the appliques were also hand dyed. Many of the appliques are needle felted on while others were simply glued and top stitched. I am happy with how each of them came out, and I am excited to use them! They will be soaking in a sink full of conditioner today before being lanolized and carefully stashed away waiting for a baby to put them on.

I made this wool cover a few months ago and never bothered to finish it. It is now complete. It is truly newborn size and won’t last long on a baby. I call it my watermelon diaper.

This is the front.

This is the back.
See, watermelon!
This is a diaper I made for Daphne for nitghtime use. There is a pear on the front.

And a cupcake on the back.
This is my fish and bubbles diaper.

A little bluebird for spring.

and his friend Mr. squirrel.
This is the car diaper
with a truck on the bum.
The poker diaper.

An apple on the front…
and the tree it came from on the bum.
This is the train station diaper. Front.
I like this diaper. It is a hot air balloon.
With clouds on the bum.
The moon and star diaper.

Another under the sea theme. Mr. Whale…
and Mr. Fish.
And a sailboat just for fun.

This is my favorite diaper! It has a purple eggplant on the front
and a white eggplant on the bum.

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