First Yarn Skein


I’ve taken up the fine art of spinning over the past year. While I was younger, I did some spinning and knitting in 4H, but not enough to really grasp the art and get good at it, it has been basically like starting over. Being the do-it-yourself kind of person that I am, I have been collecting and working fiber gradually while I learn how to spin it and turn it into a useful product. I finally got the wheel of my dreams as a Christmas Present, and I have been working on learning how to use it since then.

Even though I do have a lot of raw fiber (and fiber I am working to process), my wheel came with a pound of free wool to get me started, so I decided to try getting some spun.

With the help of my mentor, I managed over a series of months (I’m a little slow at this) to get two bobbins full of yarn that I could then ply into something I would be able to knit. I got two beautiful skeins of yarn. Though my spinning is not yet consistent, I am getting better. The yarn is a little uneven and bumpy in some parts, but it seems to not really be a problem. I have already made it through knitting one skein. I was so excited to see what it looks like. Although it has a bit of a home-made feel, it does definitely work as yarn, and I’m quite proud of it. Of course, you always have to start somewhere right?

This is the whole skein.  It looks pretty good when you look at the whole thing.

A close up of the yarn.  Not to shabby.

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