Wonderful Maternity Session


I haven’t written about it yet, but I decided recently that I am going to move all my blogging efforts to this blog and share all of my talents with you. My life is a whirlwind of mostly home economics activities interspersed with taking care of a baby, being a farm girl and a photographer. I used to have 4 separate blogs devoted to sharing the different aspects of my life with those interested, and I decided that that is ridiculous. Those that read will be reading about me and my family and how we live it. Why Oregon Natural Foods? Jared and I have long held the idea that food is the center culture of a family. This was especially real to me when I was in Europe. Food is loved and savored and eaten with joy and appreciation. The American viewpoint is more focused on large portions delivered quickly. No matter what else I do in a day, our family sits down 2-3 times together to enjoy the food that was prepared, for better or for worse. So food holds us together.

I am taking the year off photographically except for a few special projects that I’ve thought up and that I’ve been asked to do. I did decide to try to take some nice maternity photos for a friend so that she could remember her pregnancy and so that I could stay in practice. We did it just in time too because she ended up having the baby just a few days later.

I did have some help with the shoot from Daphne, and she definitely wanted to be in some of the photos herself.

I thought that this was an incredibly sweet photo of Daphne.

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