Mother’s Day Gift


I like to make little home made gifts when it is at all possible.  It helps to stretch my creativity as well as really being a way to show someone that you care enough to extend the extra effort for them.

I recently ran into a neat little Mother’s Day gift on one of the blogs that I read.  It is a home made hand scrub to soften your hands after gardening or to take away the smell after cooking.  We had all the ingredients, so I decided that I was going to help Daphne make a little batch of it for Mother’s Day for her YaYa.

Daphne was TOTALLY into helping make it, and she did a remarkable job mixing everything up.

The recipe is super simple.  Mix together

1 1/2 cups Sugar

1/3 cup Salt

1 cup Olive Oil

3 drops Yellow Food Coloring

Zest of one Lemon

2 drops Lemon Extract

Bam!  That’s it.  It does work to take the onion/garlic smell off your hands really well.  Try mixing some up for someone special today.

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