Monday, May 18–Baby Rabbits Day 9


I’m going back and forth a little bit on how I want to do the blog posts.  Now that I have caught up on older photos and stories, I am free to blog about things that happen throughout the day (and trust me, there is a lot).  My hope is that I will be able to post a “summary” post of the happenings of the day with any photos or updates on life.  That doesn’t mean that I won’t be making other dedicated posts about other things, but a day summary type post could help tie in photos and stories that don’t otherwise really NEED their own blog posts.

Monday was a fantastic day.  I’m entering the very end of my pregnancy, and it really is starting to take a toll on me.  I’ve been working hard trying to get everything done so far so that I wouldn’t have anything to worry about when I got to this point.  Surprise, I’m at that point, and though not EVERYTHING is done, I am at a managable stage where I can remain sane and still take it fairly easy in what I do.

One of my goals has been to get the house in order.  Generally, the house is very clean, but there are random things laying around everywhere that need to go where they belong.  It’s kind of crazy because Ihave to constantly tell everyone to not touch this or that.  If I just spent the time cleaning up and putting things away, I wouldn’t have the problem of having to contstanly clean or chase people around to get things clean.

One of the important things to do was the laundry.  I just love that my little munchkin is old enough to ACTUALLY be useful in some regards.  She puts her stool next to the washer so that she can put things in it, and she actually managed to get the whole load in without much help.

Julie came over to sew after Daphne took her nap.  I have been working on a new style of diaper that I wanted to try out making.  Though I have plenty of diapers, I figure that they always have value, so I can sell them if I realize I don’t use them or don’t like them.  I like having something to sew right now because it keeps me focused and makes me happy.  I don’t think that Jared minds too much.  The diaper I am making is a diaper that is supposed to be one-size fits all.  It is a fitted diaper, so it requires a cover over it, but the one-size concept is really nice.  The only problem is that it requires an awful lot of snaps on it to make it so adjustable.  I’m making 15 of the diapers, so I spent the afternoon getting all the snaps on them.  They are just ready to have elastic sewn in and then to be closed and I will have some new lovely diapers.  I am very happy with the colors I chose to make, and when they are done, I will be posting some photos.  Until then, check out all the snaps.

Of course Julie’s kids wanted to check out the bunnies.  They hadn’t been over since they were born, so the bunnies got plenty of socialization.  They were generally very good with them, and I am happy to have the rabbits be handled by humans.  I’m hoping to sell the Angora rabbits as wool animals, so the more gentle they are the better my case as a breeder is.  Audrey loved the black ones and Copper prefered the white.

I sort of feel like I am taking the same photos over and over of the bunnies, especially the photos of them in their nest.  It seems that the photos look the same every single day, but I’m really starting to see some changes in the bunnies.  Their ears are starting to stand up  like real rabbits, which goes a long way to make them not look like rats.  They are also growing hair at a very fast rate.  Now that we are past the week mark, I am pretty much in the clear that they will all survive.  They are starting to move around a LOT more.  They are agressive nursers now, which I find comforting because at least I know that they are all getting milk.  Mama is happy to nurse them in the morning but more reluctant at night.  Rabbits generally ignore their babies except to nurse them at dawn and dusk.  They are born in such a fragile state that if the mama was to spend time fiddling with them during the day that she would reveal their hiding place to any predators.  The buns have their eyes closed until a week and a half old, so they really have no defense against themselves.  This is why it is viable and successful to keep them inside and take them out to mama.  I don’t like them getting too cold or the possibility of the fact that one could get out of the box at night and die from exposure.  I also like to actually see the mom nurse the babies so that I can check them afterwards to see that they have all been fed.  A litter of 8 is a pretty big litter to care for.

I passed the 36 day mark for Thing 2, which means that she was not bred.  She was lactating, but she must have been experiencing a phantom pregnancy, which happens when you try to breed a doe and she does not actually get pregnant.  I put her back in with the buck, and she was VERY receptive to him, which made me comfortable to know that she was not pregnant.  I have marked my calendar, and I may be doing the baby rabbit routine with her again in 30 days.  I am disappointed that she didn’t kindle.  I have not had the best of luck in the past, but I am feeling that she is definitely bred this time.

When I came in from feeding the animals Daphne was ready to go to bed.  She likes to go into her daddy’s office and lay down on the couch and pretend to sleep.  She wrapped herself up in some fabric that Copper left here and declared she was sleeping in her daddy’s office for the night.  I should have left her there too.  She ended up waking up at 10 pm in her cradle very upset.  It took a good 45 mintues to get her back to sleep.

After I got Daphne to sleep I managed to sit down and card some Angora fiber to spin.  I spent about an hour and a half adding more to my bobbin.  I am excited to fill the bobbin completely so that I can get started on a hat for the baby.

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