One-Size Fitted Diapers


A while ago, I was chatting with my friend telling her that there was one more kind of diaper that I wanted to try making and using.  Although I do have plenty of diapers, I thought it might be wise to try making some one-size fitted diapers that I could use throughout the diapering life of the baby.  Julie had a diaper that she really liked, so we spent time studying it and decided to make a version of our own.

These fitted diapers are set to fit from birth to potty training, though they might not be suitable for a child that has not been potty trained by 3 years of age.  They are made of cotton velour on both the inside and out.  I made 15 total diapers.  These are the colors of velour that I could find that I really liked and thought were unisex suitable.  I am trying not to make too many pink and blue diapers that seem gender specific because I plan to use these on future children or sell them to people who would want to use them on future children.

A lovely brown diaper (I am LOVING brown right now).

I got this color because I have never used it for any other diapers.

I made a bunch of white diapers with different color insides.

Maroon is one of my favorite colors always.

Everyone needs sage colored diapers.

This is called celadon.

This is what the diaper looks like folded out laying flat.

All the photos were taken at the large setting.  This is what it looks like snapped down to be worn by a newborn baby.

These are by far the best diapers I have made yet, and I am very excited to get started using them some day.  I am contemplating making some more if my list of things to do dwindles quickly.

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