New Stripped Hat


A few of my friends and I get together every other Thursday to knit and chat about life.  I’ve been making diaper covers and other things so much lately that I decided to try something a little bit different.  I decided to make my first hat!  I made a nice stripped hat for Daphne.  It goes really well with a specific outfit that I like to put her in often, and it just looks so darn cute.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to capture photos of it on her, but here are some static photos just so you can see the creation!  Hats are lovely, and I definitely think that I will be doing more of them in the near future–in fact, I am in the middle of one for the baby right now that matches this one.  The only difference is that the hat I am making now is made out of yarn that I spun from my very own rabbit hair!

Bless Daphne, when I ask her where her hat came from she says, “You made it mommy!”

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