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Of course on my baby sewing kick I managed to get a few pouch slings sewn for fun.  As I said before, I greatly lacked variety in slings with Daphne.  Though a mama doesn’t need every kind of sling known to man, it is nice to have a vareity to try and to string about all the places you go so that you are never left without.

I have never tried using a pouch sling before, so I am excited to see how it goes.  My friend Rebecca has a really lovely one that her 8 week old baby is very happy to sleep in.  I am hoping that this baby will like the slings I made.  It turns out that it is incredibly simple to make a pouch sling, so if you are in need or know someone who is in need, feel free to give it a try.

I made a brown sling and a khaki sling.  Didn’t I mention that I’ve been feeling the brown color lately.  Daphne was happy to model for me.

And of course she loves being in the sling with daddy.

This is the beige sling.  Of course, it got drooled on shortly before the photo was taken!

Of course once I had made a sling for myself, Daphne needed one to carry her baby around in.  I was able to use some scrap fabric to whip one up for her easily.

There are some excellent resources to make the slings.  I would post a tutorial, but the truth is that I did not do anything original, so I will just direct you to what I did do.

The woman who runs this site has spent a lot of time writing up information to help mamas make slings for their babies.  The information on how to make a pouch sling is particularly helpful.

However, the best thing you can do is watch the following video.  It really helped me a lot to get the sling put together simply without any confusion.  I thank the woman who made it deeply.  Go for it.  Make some for yourself or someone you know.

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