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I am going to start working on a diapering series on the blog to help educate people on diapering.  I have spent the last 2 years working intensively doing research and learning the ins and outs of many different methods of diapering.  I find that this is important information to share with other people, and I have made it a personal mission in life.

One of the major problems with diapering is that there is not a lot of information available online, especially when asking a search engine to tell you about cloth diapers.  Many companies have worked very hard with their money to get into the top spots in the serach engines.  So, rather than be able to educate yourself about the different types and styles of diapers, you are looking at products.

Many of the “secrets” of the cloth diapering world can only be reserached when you are already in the know.  For example, it is impossible to learn about using wool for diaper covers unless you know that wool can be used as a diaper cover.  It is ironic that you have to already be educated about many things in the cloth diapering world before you can do reserach and become educated.

I remember sitting down at my computer after deciding that I wanted to try cloth diapers.  I spent several hours at the computer trying to understand this new world in front of me.  I didn’t get very far, and I ended up making a decision about diapers that wasn’t the smartest.  I really had no other clue.  I spent a few hundred dollars on diapers that I didn’t know how to use or know that I was going to like.  Luckily, they held their resale value, and I was able to get use out of them and sell them for almost what I had paid for them.  In truth, they were total garbage.

So, as I go through this adventure of cloth diapering another baby, I am going to share my knowledge, skills and mistakes with you.  I made my entire stash of diapers after careful examination and research.  As I go through the series, I will post tutorials on how to make diapers for anyone that might find that useful.  Hopefully, we can all become more educated about the subject.  After all, cloth diapers are adorable, they help protect the environment, and they are simply the best solution for your baby’s health and future happiness.

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