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I know that I have been lagging a little bit on posting.  It is not because I have no content.  Trust me, we have been very busy around here.  It seems that I only have so much energy in the day during my third trimester, and no matter how I might try, I am always running on empty.

Daphne goes to bed at 7, and at that point, I usually run outside and do any other animal activities that didn’t get done for the day.  I make sure everyone has food and water and fix anything that needs to be fixed.  By the time I get back inside from that, I am very tired, and all I can think about is checking my email and going to bed.  I’ve even set up a laptop in the bedroom so that I can combine the two activities.

So, though I’ve been taking photos and gathering content for the blog, the thought of sitting down and doing any mental work is enough to get me to sleep.

I am usually the kind of person that has to be busy doing something all the time, and I feel like if I didn’t do a lot during a day that it was a total waste of a day.  Lately, however, I have been running so low on energy that I have been taking naps during the day while Daphne naps.

I CHERISH the time that I get to spend alone getting one thing or another done while Daphne sleeps.  It’s not that I don’t love to have her help me, it is more the fact that it is impossible to put her toys away while she is playing with them or to mop the floor while she is standing on it.  Some household chores are simply not meant to be done with the help of a 2 year old.

So, the fact that I have been willing to give up that time seems to be a miracle in itself.  It sure does feel nice to put her down for a nap and then fall into my own bed for an hour or two of genuine rest.  I have been enjoying the rest.

So, don’t feel too bad that I have been neglecting blogging lately.  I am very sorry.  I simply am too tired to do everything that I want to do in a day, and my blogging time is currently competeting with my sleeping time.

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“Where I’ve Been”

  1. On June 19th, 2009 at 5:26 AM Melissa Says:

    Well, I’m definitely glad you’re getting your naps in. They are so nice when you’re in the final stretch!

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