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I joined a knitting group during the winter with a few friends.  We all get together every other Thursday to knit and talk.  All but one of the girls in the group is either pregnant or has a newborn baby, so we have all been working to knit some nice soakers for our babies.

I used the Curly Purly soaker pattern. The first one I knitted was the blue soaker. I actually knitted it with white yarn and then used food coloring to dye it after the fact. The dyeing went really well, and I am very happy with the color.

The second one I knitted was the red one with white legs. I decided to alter the pattern a little bit. As you can see, the ribbing is a bit thicker at the top. Rather than use K1P1 for the first bit, I used K2P2 and then altered the pattern after that by stopping every other row of ribbing every inch (that is why there are lines down the soaker that are staggered in length).  I also did the ribbing around the legs as K2P2 for the second soaker ( it is K1P1 on the blue soaker)

Anyway, I love how they came out, and they are already getting good use.

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