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When I was still pregnant, I posted some photos of the room birth center where I was going to have the baby.  After some more discussion with the midwives, we decided to switch to using a different room.  I was not blessed with long legs, and at a 5’2″ it was becoming clear that I was going to need a smaller tub.  The tubs in the birth center were custom built and they are VERY large because they were made to accommodate 2 people inside.  However, they had the forethought to make one tub that was slightly smaller.  We decided to use that room and that tub because I am small and we were fairly sure that I was not going to want another person in the tub with me.

Here are some photos of the room Cyprus was born in.  It knocks the socks off a hospital room any day.

I was in the bed when I took this, so it is from that angle.

The door and tub from the bed.

The bed with me not in it.

Entry to the private bathroom.

The beautiful tub where he was born.

I loved having a birth at the birth center.  They are fully set up to accommodate any medical situations.  It is a lovely space that is set up to handle the mess of birth.  They are also set up to wait on you hand and food 24 hours a day for as long as you please to stay after the baby is born.

This is the Andaluz Portland birth center.

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