Bedtime Routine


Cyprus is a great sleeper.  I was blessed by that one fact.  When I put Daphne to bed around 7, he starts to get drowsy and wind down.  Eventually, he falls asleep too, and he doesn’t usually stir again at all until 3 or 4 in the morning.

One night, I took his diaper off him and decided to try to let him air out his bum a little bit.  I put a prefold over him in case he peed, but didn’t attach it on.  I continued to nurse him, and he promptly fell asleep.  I realized when I put him down to do some things to get ready for bed how silly he looked with a diaper only covering his bum.  It doesn’t look like the most comfortable position, but he seemed to like it just fine.  He didn’t stir again for many hours (though I did eventually put a diaper on him).

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