Family Beach Fun


Our July Iron Chef was held out at a beach house so that we would be able to have a bonfire at the beach afterwards.  We decided to go out early as a family and spend some time on the beach.

Jared had to work a lot that day, so he worked on the way out.  It took us 3 hours to get there, so he got plenty done!  It was the first day of a huge heatwave that Oregon was having, and it being a Saturday, all of Oregon flocked over the Cascades to get some relief.

I was still REALLY tired and sore from the birth, so I spent the day sitting down, but I did enjoy the beach.

It turns out that the weather on the coast was cloudy, foggy and cold.  We actually ended up leaving at the end early because they were having trouble building the bonfire, and it was just too darn cold for us.

I am having some issues with my camera where the batteries only last for a few photos.  The batteries ran out pretty early, so I was left with only a few photos.

Daddy and Daphne leaving their shoes so they can run on the beach.

Daphne was looking cute in her hat and her skirt.

Mom and the kids (Cyprus is in the wrap carrier).

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