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When Cyprus was first born, I was using newborn fitted diapers I made and some my friend Julie made for me. A fitted diaper is a diaper that you can snap or velcro on. It is “fitted” so it doesn’t have to be folded like a prefold. The drawback is that is is only the diaper part. It is not waterproof, so you have to put a cover over it. I was using the knitted soakers I made.

This system worked very well for me until Cyprus starting wetting more and more. Eventually, he was peeing straight through the diaper and through the cover within a matter of moments of the diaper being changed.  I was changing diapers and clothing (both his and mine) constantly.  That combined with the fact that his legs were quickly getting chubby convinced me that it was time to put the newborn diapers (including the covers) away for now and move on up.

I am currently using the small fitted diapers that I made. They are bigger, so they fit around his quickly chunking legs, and they were made with more absorbency in them. This has helped a lot to contain the heavy, fire-hose wetness that he seems to create. I also upgraded my covers so that I was using the felted wool covers I made. He outgrew the newborn ones I was using off and on, so we are using the small ones.

I had some small PUL pieces embroidered and made All-In-One (AIO) Diapers with them. I made 20 small AIO and 20 large AIO diapers with them. I am LOVING the AIO diapers. They are cute and trim. Besides a few leaking issues I was having at the beginning because the holes were not fully sealed from sewing the diapers, I have had NO other leaking problems at all. In fact, I am tempted to make some more AIO diapers just to rotate through the diaper bag.

I am very fickle about what diaper system I adore. For that reason, I made lots of different diapers in lots of different styles so that I could pick and choose what system I wanted to use when. It seems to be an effective method.

One thing is for certain, there is nothing more adorable than a baby in a nice trim side-snapping AIO.

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