Swimming Photos


We bought a pass to the Carlton pool at the beginning of the summer, and we have been using it as much as possible.  With the super hot weather around here, going to the pool is a really nice way to relax and cool off.  After Daphne wakes up from her nap around 4ish, the day is at its hottest point, so we head to the pool.  It is also conveniently the time of the day that the shallow end of the pool is in shade.  We have even managed to convince Jared to come with us several times.

Daphne is quite the little swimmer.  As long as she has her water wings on, she has the run of the pool.

I have been taking Cyprus to the pool also, and he has been enjoying the time in the pool.  I nurse him for a while when we first get in so that he can acclimate to the water.  As soon as we have been in for a while, he is perfectly  happy to lay on his back and swim.

Of course the best part of swimming is getting to take a shower after.  At least, that is one of Daphne’s favorite parts.

Don’t forget to wash your feet.

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