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After spending the night at the hotel in Lincoln city, I called Julie to come out and enjoy the beach with us.  I had to check out of the hotel at 11, but it was still going to be another day of 106 temperatures in the Valley, so Julie and I decided to stay and play.  Unfortunately, I was having a mastitis problem.  I was facing temperatures of 102 in my body and I was not feeling like going to have any fun.  The alternative was going home to a very warm house, so I decided to stay at the beach and keep Daphne entertained before going home.

I have been to the Yaquina Head lighthouse in Newport in the past, but I thought it might be fun to visit again.  They had done a lot of work on it since my last visit.  It seemed so unreal that the Willamette Valley was having such a heat wave because it was foggy at the beach with very little visibility, and the temperature probably never got above 65 all day long.

These little caterpillars were crawling everywhere around the state part, and I thought they were interesting.  Daphne was kind of scared of them, but she warmed up to them and she even helped Audrey try to collect some to take home.

We had a lot of fun looking at the seals on the beach.

Daphne crawled on the rocks to look at critters hiding in them.

Julie got some time with Cyprus.

Have I ever mentioned how much she loves to play with babies?

They set up a cultural center on the State Park grounds, so while we were there playing for the day, we stopped by.  The kids were interested in drawing pictures and playing some old time games they had set up.

I got my butt kicked in a round of chess.  Daphne got beat in a game that Copper made up and only Copper knew the rules to!

She also tried her hand at the hoop and stick game.

We finally headed out to the lighthouse.  Unfortunately, you can only climb up it if you are 42 inches or taller.  The kids and I had to stay down, but Julie and her kids got to go up.

We had some fun all to ourselves while we waited.

After the lighthouse we made it down to the beach where the tide pools are.  Unfortunately, the tide was quite high while we were there.  Daphne loved the fact that the beach was made entirely out of rocks.  In her world, the best thing to do at the beach is to throw rocks into the water.  The fact that we made it to a beach entirely made out of rocks really blew her mind.

After a day of fun at Yaquina head, we went back to the beach in Lincoln City to wait out the rest of the heat wave.  It was cold.  The adults sat under a blanket and watched the children play.  This could quite possibly be one of my most favorite photos ever of children at play.

Eventually, we decided to head home.  I got home at 8pm and felt like I was blasted by a furnace when I got out of the car.  It was a lovely escape.  I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have a husband that would let the kids and I go away and have fun while he stayed in record breaking heat to work and pay for it all.

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“Newport Trip”

  1. On August 23rd, 2009 at 1:15 AM Melissa Says:

    I LOVE that picture of Daphne in front of the light house. It’s gorgeous!

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