Willamette River


As the last hot spell was cooling off, we decided to make a trip to the river with some friends.  The farmers who we get our CSA vegetables from live on Grand Island.  It is basically a really big plot of fertile land along the Willamette River.  They get the pleasure of finishing work in the hot sun  and riding their bikes down to their favorite water hole for a cool swim.

I feel so lucky to  have been invited along.  Daphne, Cyprus and I had a blast.  We picked a shallow and cool part of the river to wade into for a swim.  Daphne was not wanting to swim because of how sandy the bottom of the river was.  She didn’t understand why sand (which belongs at the beach) was in this new swimming pool we had discovered!

My friend Rebecca came along with her baby also.  It was a baby party because our farmer friends are also expecting.

Oliver and Cyprus talked for a bit.

Daphne was able to occupy herself by throwing rocks into the river, just like at the beach.  Casey and her got along well.  They really had a great time throwing rocks and sticks into the river.  Daphne got her swimsuit really dirty so of course it came off!

I managed to capture some cute Oliver smiles.

I got a little break while Katie checked out the baby.  I can’t wait for her to be a mama.

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