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We had an incredibly busy day today.  It is the height of the summer which means that the growing season is coming quickly to a head.  After doing my canning class earlier in the year, I swore that I was going to can as much as humanly possible this year.  It has been difficult to make it work with the baby, but I have been pulling it off nonetheless.

I took Daphne and Cyprus out to the farm with me to get some produce.  My list of canning currently includes carrots, corn, green beans, green sauce, roasted peppers and roasted tomato sauce.

The pepper plants were tall, happy and had plenty of peppers on them, especially really big ones.  Daphne grabbed a bucket and we got straight to picking.

I had the pleasure of taking Melissa and her son Jack with me.  It is so much fun to watch young babies helping in the field.  He is getting started early, that is for sure.  Jack helped us pick peppers and put them in the bucket.

Daphne helped get the peppers transferred from the bucket to the bags they were being weighed in to go home.

Jack really did finally get the hang of picking peppers.

He then helped us move onto picking tomatoes.  Jack selected only the lovely red tomatoes for his mom.

Daphne even helped me pick some lovely red tomatoes (and some green ones too).

In the end, I walked away from the farm with an AWFUL lot of food for our family for the winter.  It seems a little overwhelming to preserve it all now, but I will be so happy when it is done.

My friend Rebecca came over for a visit today.  We had lunch together, which was nice.  I enjoy the times we spend doing lunch.  I make something and she makes something and then we eat a lovely meal together.  I love sharing food with someone special, it makes the food that much more special.

We spent the afternoon hanging out with our babies talking about business and baby things.  I really love the afternoons I spend with Rebecca and the babies.

After making dinner,  I decided to really work on getting the house cleaned up and in order.  Rather than let Daphne go to bed on time, I forced her into being my slave labor.  She really wanted me to play with her for a bit before bed, so I told her that I would if she helped me clean the house.  She was an incredible help to me.

I found it particularly funny when I asked Daphne to take the clothes out of the dryer and I found this.  Thanks for the help Daphne!

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“Busy Friday”

  1. On September 12th, 2009 at 8:29 AM Melissa Says:

    What a good day! Jack and I went on to do a bunch of cleaning too, and then I picked a bunch of grapes for a jelly party! See you later. 😉

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