Wool Put to Use


Wool has been the single  best diapering solution I have found.

When Daphne was almost a year old, I started to experiment with making wool diaper covers.  In fact, the first sewing project much less the first diaper I completed was a wool cover.  I used that cover for a long time.  Some other wool covers I made at the time are sitting on my wall of wool (yes I have one) waiting for Cyprus to grow into it.

I also made some wool covers for Cyprus.  I think that there is nothing more fun to make for a baby than sets of woolies.  I’m still knitting away making pants and a sweater for Cyprus because it is so much fun.

One night, I put Cyprus down on the bed while I was trying to finish up some housework, and I couldn’t resist the adorableness of a naked baby wearing a hand sewn, hand embroidered wool diaper cover.

I am loving the wool covers that I made.  I have never had them leak one single time.  I did have to handle some issues with the dyes not being totally colorfast, but I have fixed that now.  Let me tell you that woolies rock.

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“Wool Put to Use”

  1. On September 12th, 2009 at 7:01 AM Jami Says:

    Hi. I just found your website today. It sounds like you have your cloth diapering system down. I really want to make some wool diaper covers but was wondering where you buy your felted wool from. Any help would be great. I used cloth diapers with my last child but I really want to use wool for my baby due in January. THANKS

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