Very Lovely Saturday


I woke up this morning with many things running through my head, so I got it up to get some work done.  When everyone finally woke up, I got some really happy smiles from Cyprus.  He used to be a little wary of the camera, and he spent the entire time that it was out looking at it with suspicion.  He is now willing to smile at it.  I am very impressed with how grown up he is looking at only 2 months.

When Daphne wakes up in the morning she really wants to play and snuggle with the baby.  He was in the mood this morning to let her snuggle with him.  He is looking so grown up to me in these photos.

She is not going to be able to hold him like this for long.

Daphne really is a very fantastic big sister.  She loves her brother so much, and I am glad he does not mind so much.

Daphne’s hair was starting to get really long.  She doesn’t like to wear it up, and it was hurting her a lot to brush it out, so I decided it was time for a hair cut.  I spent the morning styling the curls in her hair perfectly so that when I cut them off that I would be able to save them.  I have the first lock of hair my mom cut off me, and I thought it might be nice to continue the tradition with my baby.  I cut her hair nice and short.  I think I did a really good job on it for a first hair cut.

Daphne was invited to her friend Olive’s second birthday party, so we decided to go show off her new style.  I kept looking at her throughout the day thinking that she either looks like a Swedish milk maid or a little French girl.

Olive’s party was a tea party. Daphne was nervous at first, but she started to warm up to the idea.

Daphne eventually got so into the idea of a tea party that she wouldn’t leave the table.

Olive looked awesome in her party dress.

Daphne gave olive two pairs of hair clips that we made.  Olive has so much hair that I think she will be able to put them to good use.

Daphne really, really likes birthday parties.  Before we eat almost any kind of dessert, we have to sing happy birthday to someone so that we can eat the goodies. When we actually go to a party, she is so excited that someone is actually having a birthday.  BONUS, there is cake at a birthday.  She didn’t hesitate to dig in.  All she really did was lick the frosting off.

Daphne loves to get together with her friends.  I am always up for a chance to let her play with other kids her age.  This time they found some water guns to play with, and since it was in the 90’s, they had an awful lot of fun running around.

After the party, we headed out to a new Mcminnville Market trial.  Mcminnville is working really hard to create more of a community.  I like what they are doing.  They did a trial run of a new market featuring local vendors.  The idea is to take the old granary district and turn it into something similar to Pike Place in Seattle.  I am thinking of vending in a co op with some other people, so I thought I would check it out.  It was hot and the kids were cranky, but we did have a good time, and I liked the feel of it.

When we got back home, I started working on some canning, and the kids got to spend time with Jared.  Cyprus is getting really strong, and he is really able to hold his head up without much trouble.  A friend of mine gave me a Bumbo seat to try out.  It allows the baby to safely sit down and be held up so that they can participate in activities.  Cyprus likes it, and she will sit in it for some time sometimes.

Daphne likes it too.  She rarely lets Cyprus do his own thing, so she had to have a turn also.

I love watching Jared play with the kids.

I rearranged the dining room yesterday and put the clip on high chair at the table for Cyprus to use in the future.  I put him in it for the first time while I ate dinner, and he really seemed to like it.  I really love the photos I took of him in it.

He looks just like my dad’s baby photos.  They used to call my dad Winkie when he was little, so I have started to call him Winkie also.  He seems to really like it.

I’ve got a LOT of canning still to do after all those veggies we picked yesterday.  I worked until my feet hurt and then put everything away for tomorrow.

Jared and I are going to start having regular dates at night after the kids fall asleep.  I’m not sure how I am going to fit everything I want in, but I’m going to try!

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