Wedding Vacation


Our friends Sam and Linnea got married last month. Jared was a groomsman in the wedding, Daphne was the flower girl and I was the photographer. We have all been good friends for a long time. Sam and Linnea are the godparents of our kids.

Since we were so involved in the wedding, we decided to go out for the rehearsal dinner and spend the night in a hotel. I took some photos of the kids there while I was testing out a new lighting system for my camera. I finally replaced a Whale Tail from Gary Fong that has been lost for over a year now.

Of course Daphne and Cyprus were being cute. She decided to help change his diaper, and it was totally adorable to watch–and photograph.

At least he is a good sport about all this.

And he is pretty bendable.

What a cutie pie.

Cyprus LOVES to stand up. His legs are incredibly strong.  He will stand and talk to his daddy for a long time.

He also loves when his daddy holds him.

I adore this photo.  Daphne is in her own world playing while Jared is working.

More daddy play time.

We had a blast at the wedding.  I am slowly working my way through the wedding photos, and I promise that I will share.

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