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Back when I was posting photos of diapers that I had made, I posted a set of photos showing some tie nappies that I had made.  They just looked like folded thing with ties on them back then, and I figured that it was time to bring them to light in a diapering post.

Tie Nappies are a wonderful diaper solution that I discovered a few months ago and decided to try out.  They seem like an all or nothing kind of solution.  The people that love them tend to love them and the people that hate them would never touch them.  I am in the lover category.  Seriously, where has this diaper been all my life?

There is only one company that makes tie diapers online, so when I got interested in them I got onto Diaper Swappers and bought a pair of them used from a Tie Nappy hater.  I then duplicated them by tracing them onto a pattern and using the patter to make some on my own.

The tie nappy is basically a long strip of fabric that you fold and tie onto your baby.  It is not like a prefold because the prefold is a pre-folded square and you have to move up in size when the baby gets older.  Tie Nappies are a one -size fits all kind of diaper because it can be folded to fit a growing baby.  You just make it longer or shorter when you are putting it on and it works perfectly.  The diaper is held on by ties, which is a benefit over diapers that have snaps or velcros.  Ties can be harder to figure out, so it is a good cloth solution to kids that are into gong diaperless without parental permission.

Tie Nappies are cool because they are inexpensive compared to other diapering solutions.  You only have to buy enough for one size, no buying new diapers as the baby gets older.  They are also completely natural and organic, or can be made organic.  They are also EXTREMELY easy to make.  They are the most easy of any diaper to make.  Anyone can do it.

This is a good photo description of how to put a tie nappy on a baby.

I have been using tie nappies as my night time solution.  Cyprus has been sleeping through the night, so I have not wanted to wake him in the night to change his diaper.  I needed something absorbent.  I use two premie prefolds (that I made) inside a tie nappy with a sleep sack as my night time solution.  It hasn’t even come CLOSE to leaking yet.  I think I have found a winner.

Besides, isn’t it adorable on him?

This is a photo with the sleep sack over the tie nappy.

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