Sleep Sack Pattern


I am constantly telling people that I have few ideas of my own and that all my good ideas are stolen.

The idea to make a sleep sack for my baby came from Julie, who thought it was an AWESOME idea.  After looking around on the web I realized that it is a simple knitting project and that I could even make up my own pattern for it.

About 9 months ago, in the dead of winter, I was taking Daphne to play at Scotty’s so that I could finish my sleep sack and have something for my baby to sleep and snuggle in.  Fast forward, I now have a 3 month old baby to put in the sleep sack and a free pattern for you to do the same!

Click here to get your free pattern: Sleep Sack Pattern

Cyprus is adorable in his sleep sack.

I really like how he can kick all he wants in it and still have it stay on to keep him warm.

Of course, it doesn’t do much for his arm wiggles.

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