The Hat


While I was still pregnant, I got the bright idea to try to knit a hat for Cyprus to keep him warm when he finally made it into the world.  I found a pattern and knitted away.  The only problem was that the hat was HUGE even though it said it was for a newborn.  I had to give the incredibly adorable hat to Daphne.

I have been working hard on my spinning lately.  I have been completely consumed with the process of growing bunny fiber, preparing it and spinning it into a usable item.  It makes me so proud to think that I can grow, spin and knit items for my family.

The first hat being too big left the baby hatless and gave me an excuse to try it again.  This time, I was going to use fiber that I grew, dyed, prepared, spun and knit on my own.  The hat was a sucess!  I think that the blue color matches the blue of the Aegean Sea, which is a bonus being that my baby’s name is Cyprus.  I adore and cherish the lovely hat.  Also, the kids now have matching hats, which is pretty cool.

Look at how proud I am of this hat.

He wears it well.

Seriously, is there anything more cute?  It was totally worth all that work.

I must say that I put the hat on him at every possible opportunity because I am just so darn proud of it.

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