Sam and Linnea


This has been the object of my distraction for the past couple of weeks.

Sam and Linnea’s wedding was incredibly special to our family.  Sam and Jared have been friends for decades, and they are also the godparents of our children.  Jared was a groomsmen in the wedding and Daphne was the flower girl.  I was honored that they involved me by asking me to document the event.  The truth is that we had a blast.  What is better than going out to the beach for a couple of days for a big party with friends?

This is a lovely slideshow of the event that I created for the couple to share their wedding story.

I also wanted to share some photos that were special to our family.

Sam teaching Daphne the ways of the world.

Daphne was the best flower girl.  She was willing to walk down the aisle with the ring bearer.  She didn’t need any adult help, and she even stood up with the wedding party for the whole wedding.  I was impressed at how lovely she did at only 2 years old.

Jared and I made the tutu for the occasion.

Daphne took the task of “throwing” flowers very seriously, and she tried her hardest to slam the flowers to the ground with great force.

Here she is at the altar.

Here is Jared as a groomsman.

Making his boogie exit.

Love these two.

Linnea had to wrestle Daphne into some photos.

A tackle was achieved.

The wedding party.

Jared worked hard at his groosman duties.

Jared was also on dad duty during the day, and he did a darn fine job.

Cyprus was a big hit at the wedding.  There was a line with people taking numbers to hold him.  There was no lack of affection for Cyprus throughout the day.

The bride got her turn when she wanted it.

After Sam and Linnea had their first dance, Jared and Daphne got to have a nice little dance on the dock overlooking the water.

Then she boogied with her friends.

Jared was in charge of the escape vehicle.

I was invited to take my gear out into a canoe with the bride and groom, and I got some AWESOME shots.

We then went to the beach for some fun.  Jared and his friend!

The sunset was unbelievable.

I love how Daphne wanted to be included so bad.  She had short legs, but she was in with the crowd.

Godparents are for tickling.

And for funny faces.

They are the best godparents ever.

Congratulations Sam and Linnea.

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