Happy Halloween 2009


We have been having a lot of Halloween fun in our house lately.  I discovered a while ago that Cyprus likes to “fly” in the air.  I hold him up above me and he puts his feet up in the air.  It really seems like he is trying to fly.  Based on that I decided that he needed to be superman for Halloween.

Of course that meant that he needed a home made costume designed and crafted by his very own mama.

On the runway getting ready for take off.

Take note of that very cool cape.

And the Superman boots.

Doesn’t he look like he is flying?

The costume.

See, he loved it.

The SuperCyprus emblem.

Daphne spent Halloween as a monkey.  I call her Monkey all the time, and have been using that nickname for over a year.  It worked perfectly when someone handed down a monkey costume to us.

Apparently, the wild monkey of the Anderson household is difficult to photograph, but I did get a few rare photos.

Doesn’t Cyprus look like he is enjoying this?

She did enjoy being a monkey even if the naked costume is her favorite.

When I asked Daphne if she wanted me to take her picture, she immediately ran into her dad’s office and got some office paper and a pen to write with.  I continued about taking pictures to show her friends and her Papa.  She spent the next few minutes drawing a picture for everyone, and she asked that I document it.  Apparently, the technically correct term for photographing is called “taking a smile” and pictures can only be drawn.

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