Family Beach Trip


My sister came to visit us during her vacation from work.  The first thing we did was head over to the beach for a little bit of fun.

There was plenty of activity to photograph and plenty of photography going on.

Daphne and Eli wasted no time running off the energy they bottled up in the ride over.

She was so excited, she just couldn’t stop telling me about how exciting the ocean was.

Auntie Melissa got to play with Noah.  He LOVED the trip.

Running from the waves was the best game.  Especially since it was so incredibly cold.

Waiting for the next wave to come in.

Love the splashes.

There was so much to explore.

At some point Daphne fell into the water.

The wet clothes came off and the smiles increased.

Cyprus and I bundled up close together to stay warm.

Noah got to eat lots of sand.  He actually found it tasty.

Then Daphne was buried in the sand .

After our first adventure we headed down to the bay front in Newport for some fun.  We got some ice cream and had a lovely walk.

Daphne got to see the seals.  They were nice and talkative for her.

We stayed the night at the beach and then took a nice long walk the next morning.  The light at the beach was INCREDIBLE, and I couldn’t stop taking photos of everyone even though none of us had showered or cleaned up yet.

Look at the gorgeous Oregon beach.

Isn’t my nephew the most adorable ever?

The Oregon beach in the summer is the most amazing place.  We had such a nice vacation together.  Thanks sis.

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