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Daphne’s hair began growing quickly around her 2nd birthday. This summer, it was getting a little out of control. It was hard to brush, t was always in her face, and she would never let me comb it. She loved when I put her hair in a “hopey tail”, but it took a lot of work, and she usually wanted it taken out again within a few minutes. I came up with the idea of making some cute hair clips for her so that she would be able to wear her hair up and still take it down without problems. I found a cool tutorial online that involved glueing ribbon to alligator clips. These are the results that I got.

This is the whole set I made.  I know, I went a little nuts, but it was fun, and Daphne helped me with most of them.

A nice little pile.

These are all the ones together that are not shaped into flowers.

Nice little star accent.

This is the underside of them.  They can be worn with either side up.

Sweet little bows.

I made these flower ones as well.  They turned out really cute, and they instantly dress up any outfit.

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“Hair Clips”

  1. On November 19th, 2009 at 8:45 AM Melissa Says:

    I want to make some of those for myself!

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