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It has been a while since I posted an update.  The truth is that I have not been doing a whole lot of interesting things lately.  I am lucky to make it out of the house most days with both kids.  There have been many times that I have made it to the door on my way out only to decide that it is too overwhelming.  Many of the routine things that I was doing have fallen out.  I am just now becoming brave enough to try to get back into it.

I took Cyprus and Daphne to the pool on Wednesday, and it was a hit.  Daphne spent the entire hour swimming around the pool in incredible excitement.  She was really happy to be back at it.

It also turns out that Cyprus is a water baby.  I told Julie while we were at the pool that it was his destiny to be born in water because he is such a water baby.  He had a giant smile on face the whole time.  He loved exploring the water.  He put his hands in it and marveled at how exciting it all was.

After seeing how much fun it was for the kids, I have decided to head back to the pool with them more often.  I am hoping to buy a year pass to the pool so that I don’t have to worry about carrying cash with me all the time, it also saves money in the long run.  I would then have motivation to head out more often.  Lots of fun with the kids.

Other than that, I am cleaning and organizing my house so that I can redirect my focus on my kids and start working on a new, exciting project.  More on that later.

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