Targy the Pug


When Flaff moved on there was an obvious hole in our household.  There was no one to eat the food dropped on the floor, no one to walk with to the mailbox and no snoring going on at night.  After a lot of thought and a lot of begging on Daphne’s part, we decided to become adopted by another pug.

Pugs have such silly personalities that make them perfectly suited to being companion animals.  We decided to try getting a puppy so that the puppy would be able to grow up with the kids.

I picked her up in Portland before one of my doctor’s appointments and instantly fell in love.  I haven’t had a puppy in my life for a long time, so having someone to play with again was a ton of fun.  Of course, Jared fell in love again also.

This is a photo of Jared and Daphne checking her out for the first time.

Getting a puppy was the perfect idea.  The newness was just the right thing for Daphne.  She had been spending a lot of time torturing her brother and trying to play with him, but a puppy was new and was able to play with her for hours on end.  It worked perfectly to giver her a companion and someone to play with.

Daphne helped name her Targy, and she took on the name the moment we got her.  I must admit that Daphne calls her “Bolt” after the recent Disney movie, but she usually returns to her old Targy self by the end of the day.

Of course, Targy took to Daphne as well.  She loves to play with her and sleep with her.  At bedtime, Targy runs into Daphne’s room every time she can in an attempt to sleep on the bed with her.  They sure do look cute together.

We have finally managed to get her potty trained, and after another week or two of work, Targy can sleep in Daphne’s room with her.  After all, aren’t they cute together?

Be sure to look for more photos including Targy as a family member from here on out.

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“Targy the Pug”

  1. On December 2nd, 2009 at 10:01 PM Melissa Says:

    Wow, she looks bigger already! And she is definitely a sweetie. 🙂

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