Oregon State Fair


While my sister and her family were here, we got to head to the Oregon State Fair for some fun.

Of course the best thing about the whole trip was the stroller that we took.  The kids couldn’t stop fighting over it.

There was plenty to do.  Smokey the bear made an appearance and scared both Daphne and Eli away.  Noah was the only brave one willing to get a sticker from him.

Daphne made a necklace out of a piece of a tree.  It was to celebrate Oregon’s 150th anniversary.  She later gave the necklace to her dad.

After all that fun, Daphne was worn out, and she took a nap while we had some fun of our own.

Taking a rest on the lawn (Daphne does have a black eye and a bloody lip.  She fell in the parking lot at the beach.  It looks worse here than it did in real life.)

The hilight of the  trip was getting to see the petting zoo.  The deer was Daphne and my favorite part.  Who gets to pet a deer?

Noah is such an animal ham.

We found a big box of corn to play in.

The kids even found tractors to play on.  What a riot.

I have been attending the state fair every year since I was a little kid.  It was so nice to be able to share it with my sister and my children.

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