Winemaking Field Trip


The Willamette Valley is really starting to become prime wine country.  We just happen to live in the very heart of it here in Carlton, but it really does expand up, down and across the entire valley.

Some of our friends have a nice little winery over by the school, and we were invited to come and help participate in the crush.  I couldn’t resist it.  I grabbed Melissa and Jack and drove straight on over.

The grapes were at their prime, and the winery was trying to get them in before the rains started (the next day).  Don’t they just look gorgeous in the sun?

The weather was starting to cool off all the way.  Despite feeling a bit chilled, the day was just beautiful.

There is something wonderful about grapes hanging in the sun on the vine.  It makes me think of the many thousands of years that wine has been being produced.  Among a changing world, this one thing stays constant.  What an honor to be invited to be a part of it.

Daphne enjoyed spending time in the sun.

Jack and Melissa got a chance to sit on the tractor and imagine they were doing the harvest.

They played so nicely together.

I love being invited to participate in cultural agriculture.  Nothing makes me smile more than the ability to share it with my kids.

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