I took some photos a while bad of a story time that I went to with the kids.  Story time has become a pillar of sanity in a week of unknowns.  If there is only one activity I am going to in the week, it will be story time.  Wednesdays are really exciting for Daphne.  She loves every part of story time.

The story time we go to is for kids up to age 3.  The 3 and up story time is on Tuesdays.  We will probably switch soon, but I will miss gong to story time with Nola.

Daphne listens intently and follows all of Nola’s directions.

Can you tell that they were trumpeting like elephants?

When at all possible, we get Melissa and Jack to come with us.  Jack is always interested in what is going on.  However, he approaches the entire story time with great trepidation.  It reminds me very much of Daphne’s attitude towards story time from when we started going a year ago.

Daphne loves listening to the stories.

You can’t see it really clearly, but this photo has a story.  Daphne wanted to put on her own socks the morning I took this photo.  Rather than put them on correctly, she got really frustrated with them and ended up rolling them up into balls and stuffing the socks inside her leg warmers.  Very creative.

Another funny wardrobe choice was the fact that she decided to stamp herself with her daddy’s company “for deposit only” stamps that he uses on the back of his checks.  It even has the account number on it.  Silly.

Of course, bubbles are always the best part of story time.

Jack even gets interested in trying to catch and annihilate bubbles.

She caught one.  She always catches bubbles and brings them to me so that I can pop them for her.  Here she is offering one to me.

Cyprus even managed to get some bubble action in his deep sleep.

On a nice day, we even get to go outside and play at the park outside the library.  Melissa got double swing duty.

The rain has started recently, so we won’t be playing outside too much in the near future.  The kids are fun to watch in the park.  We will enjoy our indoor activities for now.

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  1. On December 17th, 2009 at 1:11 PM Melissa Says:

    I love the pictures. 😀 We will miss you if you change to big kid story time!

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