Champoeg Visit


Rebecca took me on a new adventure before the fall really set in.  We took the kids to a State Park near here called Champoeg.  It is really unusual because it is the place in Oregon where the paperwork was signed to set up Oregon as a state.  It is right along the river, and it is beautiful.  I had never been there, but I was excited for the adventure.

We managed somehow to stuff all three kids in our car.  I have been doing this for a while with an extra newborn seat in the back of the car.  I just took it out because it is too darn cramped back there.

It was still nice outside so we packed a lunch with us and had a nice little picnic in the park.  Daphne had a blast rolling around on the ground.

Cyprus was very mellow taking it all in.

I was trying to take a really nice portrait of the kids and I.  I think I managed to get something decent eh?

Mama hanging with the baby.

After out picnic we went for a nice little walk along the river.  We got to see the monument dedicated to the spot where the paperwork was signed.  I had a blast.  It is definitely a spot to return to in the future.

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