Christmas Preparations


I’ve been working really hard lately trying to get Christmas gifts out to people.  Somewhere along the line I agreed to make nothing but handmade gifts for people this year for Christmas.  I underestimated the starting time on ALL of the projects.  Factor in a baby who only wants to spend time in his mom’s arms, and I’m a little behind.  When there is so little daylight to be had this time of year, I always feel like I need to be going to bed at 8, so I don’t get to stay up too late to work either.

The good news is that the important gifts will be done tomorrow.  The big lot of Christmas cards went out yesterday, so I should be able to relax for a little bit before I realize that I have a lot more things to do before Christmas.  I was talking to Jared about it.  It isn’t that I don’t enjoy doing each of these things, I’m just ready for a bit more laid back time.

The good news is that I have kept up with my 365.  I just haven’t posted any of them yet for you.  I expect to get caught up on those tomorrow.

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