2009 Accountability


So I posted last year about what I wanted to accomplish in 2009. I went back to take a look and see if I accomplished the goals I wanted to.

1.) Graduate with a BS in Social Science this year.

Oh yeah!  Goal number one accomplished!!!

2.) Get out of debt.

So close.  As of right now, we have about 3600 left in debt to pay.  Jared pointed out that this is about what we paid in medical expenses on the birth.  We knew this goal was a long shot, so I’m not surprised.  We did  work diligently toward this goal last year though.

3.) Get organized. There are places in my house that always have stacks of things that “need to be done”. My desk is the main culprit. I spent some time last weekend cleaning, and managed to have only a pen on the desk when I was done. We are going to invest in some organizational tools so that everything in the house has a place and is in that place. We even made room in the budget this month to cover those expenses.

This wasn’t hard to accomplish once I got into my 6th month of pregnancy.  There are still places that things stack, but it is MUCH better.

4.) Get rid of things in our house that are unnecessary.

See above re: 6th month of pregnancy.

5.) Take more photos and videos of Daphne.

This actually worked out really well.  I took tons of videos and photos of Daphne and even got a system worked out for getting them on the blog.  Things are going well in this department.  In case you wanted to know statistics, I took 3 hours of video in 2009 and 4,224 photos.

6.) Have a successful VBAC .

Yay.  This happened and was even better and more wonderful than expected.

7.) Discover the direction of my photography.

This happened very late in the year, but it did happen!  I am back on track.  I’m doing a 365 for creativity and inspiration.  I am now taking 8 weddings next year as well as 8 births.  I’m open for maternity, family, newborn and child photography, so tell all your friends.

8.) Get healty. I am feeling ill with this pregnancy, and it is causing me problems. I have never been so fat (literally). I may top 200 pounds with this pregnancy.

The last time I got on the scale when I was pregnant, I weighed 200 pounds YIKES!  The good news is that I have been working diligently to shed it, and I’m down 35 pounds so far, which is exactly half way to my goal!

9.) Expand my garden.

Rebecca and I put together a perennial herb garden that is useful, beautiful and easy to tend!

10.) Expand my animals and get better at it.

I figured out the direction I was going with my rabbits.  I did not lose one rabbit this year that I didn’t expect to lose.  Everyone is doing well, and I’m getting pretty good at this homestead in the city thing.


It’s not hard to tell a woman who is obsessed with sewing to finish something.  Cyprus now has all the diapers he could want in the world!

All in all, I did a pretty good job accomplishing the things I wanted to accomplish in 2009!

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