2010 Bucket List


Jared and I are not big into “resolutions” and the “gunna lose 10 pounds this year” mindset that goes with the new year.  We like to take a look at the beginning of the year and use it as an opportunity to gauge where we are on some big goals and to set some new smaller goals.  We are calling it our “bucket list” this year.  Not because we plan to kick the bucket this year, but these are things we plan to do before 2010 kicks the bucket.  These are the goals I have set out to work on/

1.) Pay off our debt.  We have about 3600 left to pay off.  This is a small about compared to the 50,000+ debt we started out with in 2006.  We have already changed our ways so that we never have to deal with being in debt again.  Until then, celebrate with us when we become debt free in March this year.

2.) Make it to 130 pounds and size 8.  I am back to the weight I was before I got pregnant with Cyprus, but I still have the weight from Daphne to work of.  I’ve got another 35 pounds to shed before I’m back to where I belong.  I also have a pair of “skinny jeans” (all women do) that are size 8 that I would like to wear comfortably around.

3.) Run the Steens Mountain Rim Run 10k in August.  It is a pretty unique run for me.  It is near my hometown, which makes it special, but the race STARTS at 7,800 feet and goes uphill to 9,700 feet.  That is a very challenging run!

4.) Run a half marathon in October.  This will be the peak of my running.  Running is a great way for me to stay in shape, unwind at the end of the day and shed those extra 35 pounds.

5.) I would like to also run Hood to Coast if I can get on a team this year.

6.) Take a cruise with the family this year.  Jared and I have jointly decided when we are out of debt that we want to take a nice family vacation.  We both thought a cruise would be fun.  I’d LOVE to go on a Disney cruise with the kids.  At least I can dream right?

7.) I want to learn to make my own household product.  I already make soap and lotion.  I want to add deodorant and toothpaste to my list of home made products.

8.) I would like to complete the 365 photo projects that I started in November.  I am enjoying the creativity and stability that they bring to my life.  They aren’t easy, but I am learning and growing each day.

9.) I have been wanting to knit Cyprus a handspun sweater for a long time.  I am now putting it on my list of goals for the year so that I have no choice but to succeed.  The yarn is already spun, I just have to attack the pattern.  I have never made a top for anyone ever so this should be challenging.

10.) Change our house over to rechargable batteries.

11.) Reduce energy use by turning of lights, unplugging electronics and leaving computers off when not in use.

12.) Reduce waste from household and increase recycling by composting as much as possible (yes, even the paper waste).

13.) Be nicer to my husband.  Jared has taken a lot of flak from me after a hard pregnancy and a hard recovery.  He still gets some intense emotion from me when I am frustrated, and I’m going to find a way to redirect that.

14.) Become involved in the legislature for midwifery this year.  I have a nomination to hold a position on the licensing board and I will find out soon if the Governor appoints me.

One thing that I think I have done to set myself up to accomplishing the goals listed above was that I made a change in my life and general attitude.  I didn’t wait until January 1st to decide to start these things.  I started my 365 project on Jan 1 expecting to complete it on Dec 31.  I started my 365 at Thanksgiving so that I would be well into it as the new year rolled around.  Many of these things are now a matter of routine and habit at this point and I just have to keep up my hard work and determination to meet my goals.  I started running in increasing intensity lately and am up to 2 miles 3 times per week already.  This is much easier than going from couch potato on Dec 31 to marathon runner on Jan1.  Goals take work and determination and sometimes have setbacks.

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