Tulip Festival Extra Photos


The point of my 365 project is to tell a story very concisely in one photograph so that that one photograph tells a story and makes an impact.  For most days, that works really well for me, but sometimes I take a long series of photos, and I’d like to share more than one of them.  I thought I would put some additional Tulip Festival photos up for your enjoyment.

Audrey and Copper and Rouge came with us, and we had a great time.  The girls spent some time pretending to be flowers.  What gorgeous flowers they are.

Daphne and Copper couldn’t get enough of the flowers, and even though there were 40 acres of them to look at, the same tulips appealed to both of them.

Daphne definitely took the time to stop and smell the flowers.

Oh so cute!

Mr. Cyprus thought that the flowers were incredibly interesting.

Curiosity comes in all forms. “I wonder what this tastes like.”

Cyprus had a BLAST. He loved crawling around in the muddy field trying to explore all the flowers around. True to his nature, he was sweet and gentle with them, and only one of them was sacrificed. However, his pants got so dirty that I had to wash them over 10 times to get all the mud out, and the water wasn’t even running clean before I decided to give up.

Daphne did a GREAT job being cute.

Rouge got to explore as well while I attempted to take some photos of her for her mama.

Have I ever mentioned that my daughter is beautiful?

Cyprus wonders, “What on earth is my mother thinking?”

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