2010 Baby Bunnies


I had the great pleasure of breeding my Queen mama rabbit, Daisy again this year. I was breeding some meat rabbits for the freezer, so I decided to also breed Daisy so that I could have an Angora litter to play with. Luckily, I put her with Zorba to see if I could get some lovely colored rabbits. The next week, Zorba died suddenly and surprisingly. I spent 3 weeks biting my nails hoping that Daisy was in fact bred so that I could keep a kit from the litter to continue on his bloodlines. I was overjoyed when Daisy had 8 beautiful bunnies at the end of March.

Daphne has been loving and playing with the bunnies as much as she possibly can, and as a result, they have had incredibly temperaments. We sold 4 bunnies right off the bat to local families with children who are interested in learning how to spin rabbit fiber (yay)! I decided to keep 2 bunnies from the litter for now, one black buck and one chestnut doe. That left 2 available to sell. After posting an ad 2 days ago, I have now sold one bunny to a sweet couple looking to get into raising angoras and I have someone interested in the remaining doe. It seems like they sold so fast, and I’m kind of sad to not have an angora litter around to play with.

I DID get some photos of the bunnies at their most adorable stage.

This is the black buck that I am going to keep. He is a bit on the small side, which I am liking, but his fiber is quite light for a black bunny. His name is Peter T. Hooper. Peter T. Hooper is a character in the Dr. Seuss book, Scrambled Eggs Super.

Look at this beautiful fiber.

He is already turning out to be a really sweet, nice little bunny for our herd.

This is my sweet, little chestnut doe. She is still unnamed, but she will get a name inspired by a Dr. Seuss book for sure. I adore the chestnut color with the reddish tips and the blue fiber underneath. It will blend well with some wool to make a sweater for someone.

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