Week 10 Ravioli FAIL


I must admit that I have been falling down on the job of posting the photos and the recipes from the 52 week project.  The project is not dead!  It has been going on, and I have pictures and recipes of everything that we have done so far.  I have stopped posting because I have been dreading this one post.  I just can’t seem to make the ravioli thing work for me.  I have made them several times in the past, each time its own disaster.  So, when my sister suggested that we make raviolis for the food for week 10 I was excited that I might have the opportunity to make it work our for once.  I spent the better part of the afternoon creating the perfect filling for the raviolis and creating the pasta by hand.  They looked wonderful and delicious.  I oiled the pasta and set them aside for dinner to be cooked in an hour.  Turns out, that was a bad idea.  They got soggy from the filling an in that hour the pasta all molded together into a solid ball of dough with filling oozing out from every direction.  I did end up cutting them up and boiling the pasta in big chunks.  Jared said it ended up tasting OK, which I agree with, but it was nothing like the decadent and graceful raviolis that I had in mind.  We will just call this one a FAIL and move on.

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