Wonderful Maternity Session


I haven’t written about it yet, but I decided recently that I am going to move all my blogging efforts to this blog and share all of my talents with you. My life is a whirlwind of mostly home economics activities interspersed with taking care of a baby, being a farm girl and a photographer. I used to have 4 separate blogs devoted to sharing the different aspects of my life with those interested, and I decided that that is ridiculous. Those that read will be reading about me and my family and how we live it. Why Oregon Natural Foods? Jared and I have long held the idea that food is the center culture of a family. This was especially real to me when I was in Europe. Food is loved and savored and eaten with joy and appreciation. The American viewpoint is more focused on large portions delivered quickly. No matter what else I do in a day, our family sits down 2-3 times together to enjoy the food that was prepared, for better or for worse. So food holds us together.

I am taking the year off photographically except for a few special projects that I’ve thought up and that I’ve been asked to do. I did decide to try to take some nice maternity photos for a friend so that she could remember her pregnancy and so that I could stay in practice. We did it just in time too because she ended up having the baby just a few days later.

I did have some help with the shoot from Daphne, and she definitely wanted to be in some of the photos herself.

I thought that this was an incredibly sweet photo of Daphne.



Hello and Welcome!

This is my new blog. I am the owner of Yellow Cow Photography. As a part of a service to my clients, most of whom are brides or new moms, I have started this blog that you can follow to get tips on services, activities or just to look for ideas for your life or your event.

If you have any suggestions for something to post, feel free to email me at any time.

I look forward to this new endeavor.

Here we go.