Cyprus Plays in the Sand


Playing in the sand is only made better by playing in the sand with a friend.

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Daphne is definitely a future farmer in training.

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Miss Daphne Jumps in the Pool


We have been swimming at least once a week since Daphne was 3 months old. It is no wonder she is such a water baby.

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Daphne Goes Down the Slide at the Pool


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Daphne “Working”


Daphne has escaped to her daddy’s office and has taken over his job.

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Tulip Festival Extra Photos


The point of my 365 project is to tell a story very concisely in one photograph so that that one photograph tells a story and makes an impact.  For most days, that works really well for me, but sometimes I take a long series of photos, and I’d like to share more than one of them.  I thought I would put some additional Tulip Festival photos up for your enjoyment.

Audrey and Copper and Rouge came with us, and we had a great time.  The girls spent some time pretending to be flowers.  What gorgeous flowers they are.

Daphne and Copper couldn’t get enough of the flowers, and even though there were 40 acres of them to look at, the same tulips appealed to both of them.

Daphne definitely took the time to stop and smell the flowers.

Oh so cute!

Mr. Cyprus thought that the flowers were incredibly interesting.

Curiosity comes in all forms. “I wonder what this tastes like.”

Cyprus had a BLAST. He loved crawling around in the muddy field trying to explore all the flowers around. True to his nature, he was sweet and gentle with them, and only one of them was sacrificed. However, his pants got so dirty that I had to wash them over 10 times to get all the mud out, and the water wasn’t even running clean before I decided to give up.

Daphne did a GREAT job being cute.

Rouge got to explore as well while I attempted to take some photos of her for her mama.

Have I ever mentioned that my daughter is beautiful?

Cyprus wonders, “What on earth is my mother thinking?”

Me and My Kids


Jared took this lovely photos of the kids and I messing around this weekend.

The moment he took it, I felt like it perfectly captured my excitement at what I do every day–being a mom!

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Beach Trip with YaYa


We took the grandmother to the beach for her birthday.  She really wanted to take a hike as a family, and she wanted some photos of her and the grandkids.  These are the photos I took that didn’t end up being 365 photos.

I love this photo. We were ate Devil’s Punchbowl, and we were out investigating the rocks in the area that have been carved over centuries by the ocean and the weather.  Did I mention we had the dog with us?  It was quite an active day.

The weather was beautiful, and we got a chance to play in and around the water. I tried to convince Jared to toss Cyprus in the air so that I could get a good photo.

He loved it so much that I ended up handing the camera to Jared to get a photo. Cyprus gets air when I toss him!

Daphne got to spend time with her grandmother. Honestly, I don’t think either of them could have been more happy about that!

The menfolk decided to head on up the mountain for a nice climbing challenge.

Did I mention it was an active day with the dog?

Daphne even humored her mom and let me horse around with her.

Of course I loved showing the beach to Cyprus.

And Yaya got to hang out with Cyprus for a bit even!

Didn’t I say it was a gorgeous day?

Don’t they look great together?

Happy Birthday Yaya

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Cookies with Grandma


While I was out visiting family in Eastern Oregon, I was able to convince my grandmother to make a batch of cookies with the kids and I.  I have been making cookies at the side of my grandmother for as long as I can remember, and I enjoyed doing it as an adult while the kids helped.  She is still using the same mixing bowl, which makes me smile.

Daphne got to help measure out the ingredients.

Once the cookies made it into the oven, there was no haulting the excitement of the cousins waiting for the treats to be done.

And yes, I even got excited about the baking cookies, and I sat in front of the oven with Cyprus watching them cook to perfection.

Aren’t My Kids Cute?


I know you see photos of my kids all the time, but I have these two extras to share.  Aren’t they just amazingly cute?

I finally decided that this hat is too small for Cyprus.  I have since passed it on to Beckett to use.   I will miss the hat for sure, but it is just a sign that I need to make another one, pronto.

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