I’m a Graduate


I finished the winter term in school (back in late February) thinking that I had earned my degree.  My adviser told me that I had met all requirments and according to all information I had, I was done.  The problem was that, even though I applied to graduate in November, they take a LONNNNNNNGGGGGGGG time to inform you that you have graduated.  Finally, after feeling frustrated and not complete on my college education, I called the Registrar at the school only to be told that of course I had graduated, hadn’t I been sent a letter?  Silly people!  I’ve been waiting for the letter for a long time.  They promised to resend it (I never got it).

I finally got a letter the other day that said that if I mailed in a form to authorize them to mail me my diploma that they would send it out after June 22.  I guess that’s my official word from the school that I’m a graduate huh?

So, I will hopefully be getting my diploma from PSU before too long here!

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