Jared and I went to the Farmer’s Market yesterday.  The week before, I had happened upon a man that was selling his melons and after tasting them, I decided I needed to get some of my own.  Unfortunately, I was without money, and I implored him to return the following week, which he said he was going to do.

When Jared and I returned, I insisted that we go get melons.  I was intending to only get one, but after trying the different variates he had, we decided to get three of them while we dreamed of what we would do with them (breakfast fruit and maybe a melon sorbet).  One of them is not ripe yet, so I have about a week to figure it out.

I DID crack one open for breakfast this morning, and it was every bit as good as I imagined.

It is hands down the best melon I had ever tasted, and what a treat it was for Jared and I.

Unfortunately, Daphne decided she didn’t like it, but that’s ok.  More for us right?

Go to your market and get good food.  Ours is only around for 3 more weeks.