Willamette River


As the last hot spell was cooling off, we decided to make a trip to the river with some friends.  The farmers who we get our CSA vegetables from live on Grand Island.  It is basically a really big plot of fertile land along the Willamette River.  They get the pleasure of finishing work in the hot sun  and riding their bikes down to their favorite water hole for a cool swim.

I feel so lucky to  have been invited along.  Daphne, Cyprus and I had a blast.  We picked a shallow and cool part of the river to wade into for a swim.  Daphne was not wanting to swim because of how sandy the bottom of the river was.  She didn’t understand why sand (which belongs at the beach) was in this new swimming pool we had discovered!

My friend Rebecca came along with her baby also.  It was a baby party because our farmer friends are also expecting.

Oliver and Cyprus talked for a bit.

Daphne was able to occupy herself by throwing rocks into the river, just like at the beach.  Casey and her got along well.  They really had a great time throwing rocks and sticks into the river.  Daphne got her swimsuit really dirty so of course it came off!

I managed to capture some cute Oliver smiles.

I got a little break while Katie checked out the baby.  I can’t wait for her to be a mama.

Newport Trip


After spending the night at the hotel in Lincoln city, I called Julie to come out and enjoy the beach with us.  I had to check out of the hotel at 11, but it was still going to be another day of 106 temperatures in the Valley, so Julie and I decided to stay and play.  Unfortunately, I was having a mastitis problem.  I was facing temperatures of 102 in my body and I was not feeling like going to have any fun.  The alternative was going home to a very warm house, so I decided to stay at the beach and keep Daphne entertained before going home.

I have been to the Yaquina Head lighthouse in Newport in the past, but I thought it might be fun to visit again.  They had done a lot of work on it since my last visit.  It seemed so unreal that the Willamette Valley was having such a heat wave because it was foggy at the beach with very little visibility, and the temperature probably never got above 65 all day long.

These little caterpillars were crawling everywhere around the state part, and I thought they were interesting.  Daphne was kind of scared of them, but she warmed up to them and she even helped Audrey try to collect some to take home.

We had a lot of fun looking at the seals on the beach.

Daphne crawled on the rocks to look at critters hiding in them.

Julie got some time with Cyprus.

Have I ever mentioned how much she loves to play with babies?

They set up a cultural center on the State Park grounds, so while we were there playing for the day, we stopped by.  The kids were interested in drawing pictures and playing some old time games they had set up.

I got my butt kicked in a round of chess.  Daphne got beat in a game that Copper made up and only Copper knew the rules to!

She also tried her hand at the hoop and stick game.

We finally headed out to the lighthouse.  Unfortunately, you can only climb up it if you are 42 inches or taller.  The kids and I had to stay down, but Julie and her kids got to go up.

We had some fun all to ourselves while we waited.

After the lighthouse we made it down to the beach where the tide pools are.  Unfortunately, the tide was quite high while we were there.  Daphne loved the fact that the beach was made entirely out of rocks.  In her world, the best thing to do at the beach is to throw rocks into the water.  The fact that we made it to a beach entirely made out of rocks really blew her mind.

After a day of fun at Yaquina head, we went back to the beach in Lincoln City to wait out the rest of the heat wave.  It was cold.  The adults sat under a blanket and watched the children play.  This could quite possibly be one of my most favorite photos ever of children at play.

Eventually, we decided to head home.  I got home at 8pm and felt like I was blasted by a furnace when I got out of the car.  It was a lovely escape.  I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have a husband that would let the kids and I go away and have fun while he stayed in record breaking heat to work and pay for it all.

Beach Escape


Man O MAN did we have a heat wave here in Western Oregon. The first week of August was nothing but pure hell here.  I am not and never have been a fan of the heat, so when it gets above 85 I tend to get really uncomfortable.  We had a week of over 90 degree weather follwed by 4 days were it got to over 100.  In fact, we broke the record for the Wilamette valley.  Previously, the hottest recorded temperature was 106 but we beat that and chalked up 107.  Needless to say, I was miserable, Daphne was miserable, Jared was miserable and Cyprus was even complaining.  Having Cyprus spending most of the day nursing on me or sleeping on me was proving to be a very bad idea.  I decided to hop in the car and head to the beach with the kids.

Jared and I went out and moved all the rabbit cages into the garage so they would stay cool.  We even took a big fan out and put it on them.  They weren’t comfortable, but that was the best I could do for them.  I then took the kids and got in the car and drove to the coast.  Jared opten to stay home because he had to work.

When I made it to the beach it was a wonderful sunny and 70.  The kids and I went for a nice long walk to take in the beauty.

This is one of my favorites of Daphne.

Daphne’s footprints in the sand.

This child is seriously happy on the beach.

Cyprus enjoying the ride.

Mom enjoying Cyprus.

Did I mention this girl loves the beach?

Swimming Photos


We bought a pass to the Carlton pool at the beginning of the summer, and we have been using it as much as possible.  With the super hot weather around here, going to the pool is a really nice way to relax and cool off.  After Daphne wakes up from her nap around 4ish, the day is at its hottest point, so we head to the pool.  It is also conveniently the time of the day that the shallow end of the pool is in shade.  We have even managed to convince Jared to come with us several times.

Daphne is quite the little swimmer.  As long as she has her water wings on, she has the run of the pool.

I have been taking Cyprus to the pool also, and he has been enjoying the time in the pool.  I nurse him for a while when we first get in so that he can acclimate to the water.  As soon as we have been in for a while, he is perfectly  happy to lay on his back and swim.

Of course the best part of swimming is getting to take a shower after.  At least, that is one of Daphne’s favorite parts.

Don’t forget to wash your feet.

Family Beach Fun


Our July Iron Chef was held out at a beach house so that we would be able to have a bonfire at the beach afterwards.  We decided to go out early as a family and spend some time on the beach.

Jared had to work a lot that day, so he worked on the way out.  It took us 3 hours to get there, so he got plenty done!  It was the first day of a huge heatwave that Oregon was having, and it being a Saturday, all of Oregon flocked over the Cascades to get some relief.

I was still REALLY tired and sore from the birth, so I spent the day sitting down, but I did enjoy the beach.

It turns out that the weather on the coast was cloudy, foggy and cold.  We actually ended up leaving at the end early because they were having trouble building the bonfire, and it was just too darn cold for us.

I am having some issues with my camera where the batteries only last for a few photos.  The batteries ran out pretty early, so I was left with only a few photos.

Daddy and Daphne leaving their shoes so they can run on the beach.

Daphne was looking cute in her hat and her skirt.

Mom and the kids (Cyprus is in the wrap carrier).

Birth Center


When I was still pregnant, I posted some photos of the room birth center where I was going to have the baby.  After some more discussion with the midwives, we decided to switch to using a different room.  I was not blessed with long legs, and at a 5’2″ it was becoming clear that I was going to need a smaller tub.  The tubs in the birth center were custom built and they are VERY large because they were made to accommodate 2 people inside.  However, they had the forethought to make one tub that was slightly smaller.  We decided to use that room and that tub because I am small and we were fairly sure that I was not going to want another person in the tub with me.

Here are some photos of the room Cyprus was born in.  It knocks the socks off a hospital room any day.

I was in the bed when I took this, so it is from that angle.

The door and tub from the bed.

The bed with me not in it.

Entry to the private bathroom.

The beautiful tub where he was born.

I loved having a birth at the birth center.  They are fully set up to accommodate any medical situations.  It is a lovely space that is set up to handle the mess of birth.  They are also set up to wait on you hand and food 24 hours a day for as long as you please to stay after the baby is born.

This is the Andaluz Portland birth center.

Carlton Fun Days


Carlton Fun Days is Carlton’s summer festival.  It is a weekend of community fun and events celebrating summer and our community.  There was all kinds of fun available to be had.  The swimming pool was open and free to everyone.  There was a gathering at the park with games, barbeque and booths.  We even had a community parade.  Daphne, Jared and I got ready and headed out for a bit of fun.

Daphne thought that the best part of the day was the parade.  She liked seeing all the vehicles and animals, and picking up candy turned out to be an incredibly exciting activity.

Daddies are fantastic.  You can sit on their shoulders to see better.  When you get tired, you can lean on them and sleep.

I had a lot of fun even though I was VERY pregnant (my water broke the next morning).

Park Playtime


There is a really big park in Mcminnvile that we like to go to.  It is between the swimming pool and the library.  We just recently started going there more often.  The weather has been nice enough to play and eat at the park on Wednesdays between storytime and swimming!  Daphne is now old enough that she has been able to take advatage of the things that she was not so adept at last fall before the weather got too bad.

We celebrated my birthday at the local Japanese restaurant with some friends.  Since we got there a little early, we walked over to the park to play.  I was feeling very tired and very pregnant, but Jared was a great sport running around at the park with Daphne.

I love how she looks like a 50’s housewife with her shirt tucked into her skirt and her cute little pony tail.  She is definitely my little girl.

Daphne was pretending earlier in the day that she was going to take her daddy to Japan in an airplane.  When we got to the park, she drove this “boat” to Japan with her daddy and I in tow.

Isn’t this just darling?

Daphne has the best daddy.  He never says no to a good playtime.

Brave little girl.

Playtime is never complete without some swinging time!

Long Time No Blog


I was blogging regularly, and it kind of went out the window over the past week because things have been getting incredibly crazy around here.

Most importantly, my friend Melissa and her son Jack came to visit.  They made the decision to move away to New Hampshire about 2 years ago.  Luckily, they have found the error of their ways, and the whole family is returning back to Oregon where they belong.  She came on Thursday night and left on Monday.  She was here to look at apartments, get some moving information and show off her beautiful baby boy.  He really is adorable, and upon downloading images from the card recently, I discovered that we had taken no photos.  What a total bummer.  Daphne was interested in playing with Jack as long as he did not touch anything that belonged to her.  She can be a bit of a rat sometimes, but I think she is genuinely good at heart.

The weather was totally crazy last week being incredibly hot and humid.  It really wasn’t any fun at all.  It was supposed to storm 3 days in a row, but on Thursday we finally got hit with a big one.  Big storms are not common in this part of Oregon, and in fact thunder is a big surprise often.  I spent the afternoon with Melissa cooking and baking.  The electricity started to flicker a bit while I was trying to make dinner, which I found annoying.  Eventually, the wind just picked up from nowhere, and I watched as a neighbor’s tree snapped like a twig.  I was quick to respond by running outside to put the chickens into their house so that they didn’t freak out and try to fly away.  When I walked out the back door our trampoline had blown across the yard and bent.  It took out some garden beds with it and caused some other serious problems.  Jared and I scrambled to put the chickens in and then to take the trampoline apart so that it didn’t head through a window or blow over a fence.

The damage from the storm was felt by all.  Our farmer friends lost a greenhouse and had some major crop damage.  A lady from our spinning group had a barn blow away over two fences.  I am extremely upset to be losing the trampoline because it was one of Daphne and my favorite things to play with.  After some thought, we will work to pay off our debt this year, and we can get a new trampoline next year when the baby is big enough to enjoy it as well.  You live and you learn.  You should always anchor your trampoline in case there is a freak storm.  I am upset about losing some of the garden as well, but I feel that with some work done this weekend that we are pretty much back to where we were last week–minus a trampoline and a few melon plants.

The storm did do one good thing.  I got a REALLY great rise on my bread, and the whole wheat bread I made ended up looking more like Wonderbread with the nice mushroom looking top.

We went to go see the Lipizzaner stallions for my birthday on Thursday night after the storm.  All the roads out of Carlton were closed because of down power lines and down trees.  We ended up taking a side dirt road to Mcminnville.  Daphne and I had a total blast watching the horses.  We had gone to see them two years ago for my birthday, but it was a treat to see them again.  My mother-in-law even got away and got a chance to see the beautiful animals.

My sister called me on Friday morning to say that she was going to head up and surprise me for my birthday (I turned 25 on Saturday).  That was exciting.  We don’t get to see each other much, and I always appreciate hanging out with my nephews.

While I waited for them to come, I decided to go get Poe out and shear him.  He is on a different schedule than the other bunnies that I have, so he has been hot and hairy recently.  Here he has some hair.

Now I have taken all the prime fiber off, but I have collected some fiber for myself.

He has much less fuzz after the whole process.  He is going to be a happy bunny during our next heat spell.

It was nice to have my sister around.  Eli and Daphne seemed to have closed the age gap, and they are finding it is a lot easier to play well together.  There was very little screaming or hitting, and that was quite pleasant.

I see my future in this photo.  That future is not too far off either.

I haven’t seen Noah in almost 6 months.  He is totally adorable.  He just turned 1 year old in May, and he is a total cutie pie.

Saturday was my birthday, and I decided I was going to make my own ice cream cake.  I wanted a chocolate cake with pralines and cream ice cream in the middle.  I made the cake on Friday night.  The ice cream was made on Saturday, and I must say that I had a lot of help–in the eating process.  Daphne now knows what comes out of the ice cream core when it has been running for a while.

And when a spoon is too cumbersome, use your fingers.

Apparently I thought it was necessary to share a photo of my first Caprii Salad of the year.  It is one of my favorite foods.  The basil, tomato, mozarella and olive oil just seems to hit the spot every time.

We did spend some time out at Delphi’s Parent’s Weekend this year.  Though I am no longer a parent, it is nice to go out and hang out during this time of year because so many of the graduates that I know come back for one reason or another.  It was nice to chat with some friends I had not seen in a while.  That really kept us on our toes.

After all the company left on Monday, I was totally exhausted.  It took me a full day to sleep and rest and clean before I was able to feel partially normal.  The good news is that the list of projects I have to handle is coming quickly to a close, and the house is staying mostly clean.  I like feeling a little on top of things.

My friend Rebecca came over today for lunch.  I made a giant salad with all kinds of things in it from the fridge.  It was totally delicious.  We even managed to pick a few strawberries from the plants growing in the front yard.   They made a nice, simple dessert.

We went for a walk after lunch to enjoy the beautiful day.  Daphne went right to sleep when we got home, and I was able to spend the afternoon getting some important sewing done, which always makes me happy.

Rebecca was even kind enough to let Daphne hold her 7 week old son, Oliver for a few minutes.  Again, I see my future, but the truth is that Daphne is very sweet and kind with babies.

I am now exhausted and unable to sit at the computer for long because I have feet that swell up bigger than you can imagine.  I’ve got some other exciting posts and updates in the near future, so stay tuned and please forgive my disappearance over this very busy past week.

Carlton Pool, Summer 2009


Our little town has an outdoor pool just a few blocks from our house.  We got a pass last year and enjoyed going on over and hanging out in the evenings when it was feeling really hot in the house.  I hadn’t seen any information about it opening up, and I was starting to get a little worried about it.  It turns out that I was not looking in the right places.

I discovered today that it will be opening up on June 26th.  My goodness, we have to wait another month, REALLY!!!!

Here is the information:

Public Swim
Monday – Friday 12:00-3:00 pm
Monday – Friday  5:00-8:00 pm
Saturday          12:00-7:00 pm
Sunday            12:00-4:00 pm

Family Swim
Sunday             4:00-6:00 pm

General Admission:
Students/Seniors $2.50
Adults                 3.00
Children under 2    free
Family Swim         7.00/family   (Sunday 4-6pm)

I am excited to jump in the nice cool pool when it opens.

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